Saturday, December 4, 2010

Need a Keg? Head to R&B Brewing...Vancouver peeps

Last weekend was one of my good buddies wedding. And he is a craft beer head like me. As such he would definitely not be serving your average macro at the event or surrounding events. He contacted a few of his favourite local breweries and was excited to tell me about the options at R&B brewing. R&B doesn't just offer their standard beers in keg format, they also offer custom casks to your tasting.

My buddy ended up with a Cask of the Raven Cream Ale which had been on oak and extra hopped. This beer was super delicious and fun as I got to tap it since my buddy was busy with all of the wedding festivities. This is definitely a great option if you are having a special occasion.

Service at the brewery was excellent. Everyone that helped us out was super friendly and spoke to us about the different projects and beers they have going on. Definitely a cool experience and will be keeping them in mind next time I have a special event.

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