Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scuttlebutt Brewing

We recently took a couple of days off work and headed down to Seattle for a couple of days. While we were down there we were able to hit up this family friendly pub for a lunch and a taster tray. The Scuttlebutt brewing building is located on the Everett Harbour and is a bit of a dated building. But that is fine with me as that means charachter. We entered the pub and were greeted with two other groups quite promptly. But who cares that much about that, it's the beer that is important.

So we sat down and I noticed the sampler was 8 X 6oz. pours, a great way to get to know their beers and Julie agreed to drive for the afternoon so it was on. The sampler included all of their regular lineup 5 on beer gas and one on nitro, I love beers on nitro, can't we have them all that way? And it also included two of their seasonals. AS I have found myself drinking a little bit more seasonal lately I really enjoyed the 10 Below Winter Ale. It was delicious, nice and malty but with some good hop action still. I really enjoyed the IPA, in fact I bought a case to take home. It's more of an English style IPA with some westcoast hop action. Also their Hoptopia seasonal was tasty. The red ale on nitro was a great red with good hop charachter and oh so smooth. The other's were good, but to tell the truth after that many beers I can't remember the details all that great.

On the food it was hot, tasty and really reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this place if you are ever in Everett, WA and looking for a tasty, friendly and reasonably priced pint. I also have heard they are going to be moving locations, so look forward to hitting that up next time i'm in Everett.

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