Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brew Day - All Grain Honey Chamomile Sasion

So I've decided to start brewing with my good buddy Justin. This way we can brew more often, more different beers and learn to become better brewers. This week we started off with both of ours first All Grain brew. Justin likes to experiment and had read a recipe for a Wildflower Wheat in Extreme Brewing. However Justin is not that big of a fan of wheats so instead we decided to go with a Saison and switched the recipe a bit. To be honest I didn't keep a list of the ingredients so if it goes well, well we'll just have to deal with it.

Going in to our first all grain batch we were both a little worried about the whole process and making sure we did everything right. We started the process off and were quite surprised by the end of the brew how easy it was and compared to extract brewing actually not that much more difficult. As far as we can see at this point everything went as planned. Now for next time we just need to get a working hydrometer and an immersion chiller.

Some pics from the brew.

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