Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome and Phillips Hop Circle IPA

I've been thinking of starting a beer blog for awhile now and well, sometimes you just get busy. For the last 10 or so years, since I started drinking beer I have always searched to try something different, something new wherever I was. As I look back I realize I always enjoyed the craft beers but until last year didn't really know that there was a seperate category. Now that I know I love the idea of craft beer and have been very busy over the last year trying different beers. I've also taken on the hobby of homebrewing, the ultimate craft beer.

This blog will be the place I document all things beer. Whether it be brewing, drinking or a a great beer adventure. I hope you stay tuned.

To start the blog off I will start with a review of a new IPA. The Phillips Brewing Hop Circle IPA. I enjoyed the previous edition of Phillips IPA, but I have to say I enjoy this one even more. It's very hoppy with a hop bitter taste. It's a little light on the malt, but that's fine because I love what they have done. This has definitely moved into one of my go to beers.

Me, My Wife and My Daughter


  1. light on the malt... and big on the hops... that's what i love! socal IPA style!

  2. dude, you should make 'down the hatch' your signature sign off. just sayin...